Profit Improvement Program

We created our PIPAction® (Profit Improvement Programs) Program because we find that profit improvement is an opportunity in many privately held companies, particularly manufacturing, industrial distribution and industrial service companies. There are several common issues that are root causes for suboptimal profitability.

Of course the two fundamental factors that determine profitability are pricing and costs. Yet we find that the data provided to management is frequently not sufficient or not organized in a manner that is conducive to cost management or in the case of market pricing there frequently is no hard data provided that enables management to accurately determine their price position in the market.

Every PIPAction® Program is structured to achieve the objectives of each individual engagement.

PIPAction® Process

  • Assess the data available vs. the data necessary.
  • Work with client staff or service providers to provide management with information necessary to manage pricing and costs on an ongoing basis.
  • Work with client staff to identify, define and quantify opportunities for pricing improvements, productivity enhancements and cost reductions.
  • Develop the action plans and timetables to achieve the profitability improvement objectives and make them sustainable.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our PIPAction® Program - it is our promise that you will find the program to be highly useful and cost effective or we have not earned our fee. Consequently, you can be assured we take care to understand your objectives and expectations so we can deliver a program that works for you.

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