Global Equity Consulting, LLC outlines the benefits of using our services below.

Why Hire an Investment Banker?

Investment bankers should provide value in a transaction by applying their market knowledge, negotiating skills and transaction experience.

Working with the client to be prepared for a successful transaction process

  • Work with the client to plan and evaluate the prospective transaction for strategic fit, financial viability and risks.
  • Discuss and evaluate alternatives.
  • Work with the client to be prepared for management presentations.
  • Work with the client to be prepared for the diligence process.

Create and conduct a transaction process that is favorable to their client

  • Conduct an efficient search to indentify targets or partners that fit the strategy and profile.
  • Negotiating favorable value and deal terms is frequently a function of having alternative choices. An investment banker will help to create a transaction process that will be favorable to achieving his client's financial and non-financial objectives.

Enhance the efficiency of the process

  • Avoid roadblocks and side tracking
  • Process management

Negotiating to a successful result

  • Work with the client to develop a negotiating strategy
  • Advising on value and deal terms
  • Getting to a successful closing

Why hire GEC?

Global Equity Consulting, LLC, along with our alliance partners combine operating management and industry expertise with extensive transaction experience and a broad network of business associations to provide highly effective investment banking support to small and middle-market manufacturing, distribution and industrial service companies.

GEC principal, Tom Haan, has significant transaction experience. As a senior operating executive, Tom has negotiated transactions in several parts of the world including: USA, Australia / New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East. In addition to his hands-on experience executing acquisitions Tom is a FINRA registered investment banking representative.

Our alliance partner City Capital Advisors, based in Chicago, IL is a FINRA registered broker-dealer and member of SIPC. Each of City Capital Advisors Managing Directors has over 20 years of investment banking experience. Their experience encompasses more then 400 transactions totaling more then $60 billion in value across a variety of industries.