Business Valuations

At GEC, we frequently hear the question: "I have a pretty good idea of what my business is worth based on rules of thumb and guidance from my other advisors - why do I need anything more then that?" With our business valuation services, you'll understand.

  • An informal estimate is typically not a sufficient basis for accurate financial and business planning - it is our experience that many of the business owners who rely on such an informal estimate of the value of their business later find they have been relying on a highly inaccurate assumption of the market value of their business. They also lack input on those value drivers that are impacting the market value of their business and have not considered the impact of the deal terms.
  • A market value assessment will create an enhanced ability to do accurate financial and business planning - it is our belief that having an accurate estimate of the market price of their business as well as identification of the key value drivers enables the business owner to do more accurate financial and business planning.

Why hire GEC?

GEC and our strategic alliance partner, Karlsons and Associates, have broad experience in providing market value assessments for a wide range of business types and sizes. We are particularly experienced in manufacturing, distribution and industrial services businesses.

Our principal, Tom Haan, has significant transaction experience. As a senior operating executive Tom has negotiated transactions globally including: USA, Australia / New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East. In addition to his hands-on experience executing acquisitions. Tom is a FINRA registered investment banking representative.

The principal of Karlsons and Associates, Valda Karlsons combines operating management experience with extensive financial and business valuation experience.

Valda's professional certifications include a Certified Public Accountant license held since 1981 and several certifications in valuation, fraud examination and financial analysis which are recognized for their expertise by the business and legal community as well as the tax authorities.

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