Fluid Handling Industry M&A Report - Q1 and Q2 2015

August 3, 2015

This is our report on M&A activity in the Fluid Handling Industry for Q1 and Q2 2015 (pdf). As you will see in the report M&A activity in our industry remained strong in the first half of 2015 although the volume of transactions was down about 10% vs. the first half of 2014.

The transaction activity is virtually all driven by strategic buyers looking to supplement low to negative single digit organic growth through acquisitions that create additional installed base, expand customer base, extend product range or technology, extend geographic or diversify their market concentration. Most strategic buyers are reporting strong interest in pursing inorganic growth opportunities and some are reporting they see somewhat moderating valuation expectations from private sellers.

The supply of inorganic growth opportunities for strategic buyers is likely to grow over the next few years as an aging private owner population looks more and more to transitioning ownership and monetizing the value they have created. In addition, there is an aging inventory of private equity owned businesses that were acquired pre-recession and now have benefited from strong post-recession performance.

In this report you will find information on:

  1. Industry deal activity levels by quarter for the last five years - activity continues at a high level
  2. Most active companies - Sulzer continues their aggressive acquisition program
  3. Comments on each of the 30 industry transactions in H1 2015
  4. Most targeted industrial segments - O&G continues to lead but sees diminished activity in favor of targets that serve multiple industrial segments
  5. Most targeted world wide geographies - U.S. and Europe dominate
  6. Disclosed valuations for deals announced in the last twelve months

If you are contemplating an acquisition or an ownership transition, please feel free to contact us via phone at 269.385.5186 or send an email for a confidential conversation.

Our industry and transaction experience enables us to provide cost-effective support for: strategic analysis, identifying potential buyers or sellers, assessing value and transaction support that will get the outcome you are looking for.

Download the full FHI M&A Report for Q1 and Q2 2015! (pdf)

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